Measure and Mark (2016)


  • Image of Measure and Mark (2016)

4" x 3"
Stainless steel, found objects, chicken feather, silk

These found objects came from a tool used to make things square, to make things line up properly. They were found while I was welding industrially and I kept them because I like the shapes. It's a surprisingly tricky business to get things square, and also surprising how much little deviations can affect measurements farther down the line. Welding also involves a lot of working with the mysterious expansions and contractions of metals. I found it amusing that these came from a tool promising accuracy in a material that has a mind of it's own in some ways.

I've made them into a new tool, a set of marking implements with their own custom stand. I like imagining them on the desk of an industrial wizard- a mysterious engineer balancing the control of planning and the serendipity of results. I hope wherever it ends up, it inspires that wonder and balance of planning and process.

The chicken feather was ethically harvested at my parents farm. Feel free to message me if you'd like more information on it, as I know some people have concerns about the sources of feathers.